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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Because of Winn Dixie Common Core Aligned Literature Guide

Now available in PDF download (print coming soon)!

Everything you've ever wanted in a unit plan is in this Guide! This Elementary Solutions Literature Guide for Because of Winn-Dixie contains 133 pages of student coursework, activities, quizzes, tests, and more aligned with the Common Core State Standards for ELA as well as the NCTE/IRA National ELA Content Standards in English for grades four and five. This Because of Winn-Dixie Literature Guide is the solution to your lesson planning and CCSS stress!

Because of Winn-Dixie Literature Guide includes:
  • Pre-Reading activity on Grief and Loss
  • Pre-Reading activity on Visual Discovery
  • List of Pre-Reading ideas and activities for use before reading the novel
  • Biography on author Kate DiCamillo with corresponding questions about the article
  • Allusions and Terminology defined
  • Vocabulary Lists With and Without Definitions
  • Note-Taking Double Entry Log for each section
  • Comprehension Check Questions, based upon Bloom's Taxonomy
  • Specific CCS-Based Literature Focus Activities on Setting, Point of View, Characterization, Inference, Compaaring & Contrasting, Theme, Conflict, and Elements of Plot
  • Specific CCS-Based Language Focus Activities on Quotations, Capitalization, Homophones, Run-Ons and Fragments
  • Specific CCS-Based Writing Focus Activities on Concrete Words and Sensory Details, Writing Narratives, Theme, Using Informational Texts, and Research Projects
  • Reading Quizzes Every Few Chapters
  • Two Versions of the Final Test - One entirely multiple choice for use with bubble-like testing forms
  • Novel Summary by Chapter
  • Post-Reading and Essay/Writing Activities and Ideas
  • Writing Rubric and Descriptive Rubric for help with grading projects and essays
  • Helpful Teacher Notes, Resources, and Sample Agenda
  • Complete Answer Key

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