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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Sight Words-It's Not Just A Common Core Thing!

Common Core tells us we need to be teaching sight words.  Common sense tells us that too. doesn't it?  Students need to achieve quickness and accuracy with common sight words to make their job of reading a little easier.  We all know if they are working too hard to decode words, there is not enough brain power left for comprehension of the story.  Building up our students' reading fluency is an important step in their reading progress.

My students like to practice sight words.  I try to make it fun for them.  I've done some things on the Smartboard.  But when I created these slides for them they loved them!  

fun sight word practice
Dolch Preprimer Sight Words

fun sight word practice
Dolch Primer Sight Words

fun sight word practice
Dolch First Grade Sight Words
fun sight word practice
Dolch Second Grade Sight Words

I have themed each group of Dolch sight words differently.  Then if you use more than one set with your class, your students see new slides.  My kids were very excited when these went up on the Smartboard because they liked the pictures and it wasn't as boring as just black and white.  I did make each slide exactly the same to be sure they were learning the words and not the pictures that went with them.  These packs are not looped either.  I find that when they are timed to go on a lot of time my students are not ready and it causes frustration.  All you or the student has to do is touch the Smartboard screen or click the mouse to advance to the next slide.

These sight words can be used in a variety of ways.  They can be shown on the Smartboard as I have mentioned.  You could also use them on an individual computer in a literacy center station.  You can also print them off to make a class book for students to practice on.  And you could individually choose which slides to print for students to take home a printed version of just the words they need to work on at home or keep in their desk.

I hope that I have given you another way to help make learning sight words fun for your students!

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