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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

It's Short Vowel Time!

Every year when we learn about short vowels, I always need a few more activities to help those sounds become just a little more solid for my students. Some students just need a little more work with those sounds to help them remember.   The students and I like to make this foldable!  Vowels on the outside and the picture clue on the inside.  Short, simple and easy for them to keep at their desk for a reminder.

I also like the activity Roll A Word.  Students roll the beginning sound (on the green cube) and then roll the ending sound (on the red cube).  They say the word out loud using the vowel they are working on and then decide if that word is a real word or a nonsense word and record it on their sheet.  The recording sheets color coordinate with the letters on the cubes to help you and them to keep all the cubes separate.  Just makes it easier for organization since there are 10 cubes- 2 per vowel!  Can you imagine the chaos of trying to keep them separated otherwise?  :)

Who doesn't love a picture sort?  I know my kids love to work picture sorts!  On this one, students get picture sorting mats (this one is of an octopus) and they place the short vowel above the mat.  Then as they go through the stack of colorful pictures they place them on the mats for the short vowel sound for that picture. 

I include Making Words in this pack too.  Making words is such a valuable activity for working with sounds and switching sounds in and out of words to make new words.  This is one of my all time favorite activities for teaching all kinds of sounds, not just short vowels!

I like having students make short vowel books.  They get to decide what words they want to include in their own books  It's just another way for them to practice saying and hearing the sounds in words and then categorizing them.  

I leave you with this picture of a fun short vowel Bingo game!   As you can see, working with short vowels can be a lot of fun for students and of course, it is very important that they get those sounds down very well.  These activities can be used with the whole class, small groups, or in literacy centers.  I use them not only with my reading groups, but also during RtI.  I usually have groups in RtI that are needing short vowel sound practice and these are some fun ways to get that in!

Thank you so much for reading along with me about short vowels.  I hope you found some activities that will help your students!  Click here if you are needing them.  It is all common core aligned and designed to help your students have fun while learning!

Happy New Year!!!   Come by and visit me sometime!   

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